Monday, February 25, 2008

studio move

Bill is moving his studio. He found a beautiful space down town, it's much smaller, that could pose some problems. He's been quite spoiled with space in his current studio. It will be interesting to see how he manages all his stuff.
An artist shouldn't have that much stuff! Paint, brushes, canvas, right? Oh no. He has magazines from the beginning of time, books on every artist, living and dead. Books about flowers, trees, parks, Indians, flowers, shrubs, landscapes, flowers, and flowers. He has his TV and other electronic gadgets that he uses or tries to fix to use. He's got frames that are too ugly, cracked, or the wrong size that he'll be able to use someday. He has 1.83 tons of bubble wrap (that I'm not allowed to touch due to my bubble wrap popping disorder).
I think it may be easier to rent a uhaul trailer and make one (or two?) trip out of it. There's a 3 story climb to his new place, his current studio is on a second story, lots of stairs! All I can say is - thank heavens for all these kids! And especially for the infant! I have to take care of him, or else I'd love to help Bill move....

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