Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Painting the fencing way

I just celebrated my big 4-0! It made me grow a bit reminiscent about days gone past. My thoughts drifted back to when Bill and I were at Ricks college in Rexburg Idaho (now called BYU Idaho). We were still in the 'courting' phase of our relationship. Bill was focusing on watercolors and I thought his work was magical! He painted many of his oil landscapes on site and had interesting ways of tying down his easel and blocking too much sun light, I'll have to find a picture and post it some day.
His painting technique was what was real fun to watch. He battled the canvas like a dragon slayer might battle a dragon, a slash here, a slice there. He would jab and perry and step back to inspect his work. His pieces were much looser than his current ones, he's developed an incredible style that all began with a fencers dance!
It's still fun to watch him paint, like watching a blurry picture come into focus, he astounds me still!

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