Friday, June 19, 2009

The turtle and the hare

I've known about the story of the turtle and the hare since my early youth. But it still has not sunk in yet.
I was able to travel with Bill to Zionsville last Saturday for a paint out. The artists were able to visit any of the homes on the garden show that happened to be going on at the same time. The nice lady at the 'check in' table gave us maps and told us of a home she had heard had nice gardens. (At check in the artists get their canvas' stamped to show that they actually painted the pieces that day)
We hustled up to the home and Bill decided on some plants to paint. I tried to help by bringing out supplies and setting up. As soon as everything was out I waited for him to get going. He just sat there looking. Didn't he know that he only had so many hours? Did he not want to complete more than one? Didn't he want to try other gardens? I expressed one or more of my thoughts and tried to get him hopping along at a faster clip. He explained that he was working out a composition in his head, it took time, could I please leave him alone... So I did. And he ended up painting two very nice pieces at two different gardens.


which also happened to be the winning piece! What a man!

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